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The Paulist Fathers worked with Work Hard Digital to create a quarterly video series to strengthen their order, maintain engagement, better tell their story to the congregation and laity alike.

The challenge

Capture the grace and service of a respected religious order for more effective recruitment.

Religious orders like the Paulist Fathers struggle to communicate effectively in a modern media environment. Bound by the need to fundraise and sustain their order through recruitment, the order engaged Work Hard Digital’s industry experts to create compelling content to drive engagement and visibility. Previous attempts to leverage video fell short, so an emphasis on good story telling drove our decision to partner with Unabridged Press, an in-house freelancer and expert in the Catholic order.

our solution

Create 15 to 20 meaningful short and longform videos

Work with a respected partner to maximize the reach of that content through thoughtful blog posts and podcasts. Focus on the compelling personalities and honored traditions of the order to ensure that tone is in line with viewers’ and the client’s expectations.

  • Content creation
  • Videos with hundreds of views replaced with videos with tens of thousands of views
  • Single digit comments and engagements to dozens


key team member

Jennifer Szweda Jorda



WHDS showed us the power of short videos to tell our organization's story. The firm's videos became an essential component of our successful outreach and fundraising strategies. We also were consistently impressed by the WHDS's high standards for both picture and audio quality.

Paulist Fathers
Paul Snatchko, Director of Marketing & Communications, The Paulist Fathers

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